Ready, Set, Go!

Name the part of the letterform.

Stroke Axis




What is a ligature?

A large, decorative capital letter at the beginning of a block of text.

A type of swash ornament.

Synonym for stylistic alternate.

A glyph that replaces multiple characters that would collide or look awkward next to each other.

Which of the following would be the best way to improve the readability of this paragraph?

More space between letters.

More space between words.

More space between lines.

Make the typeface bolder.

How many spaces should you put after the end of a sentence?




Depends on the sentence

What are old style numerals?

It’s another word for Roman numerals.

Numbers that are proportionally spaced.

Numbers that vary in height like lowercase letters.

Numbers designed for an old style typeface.

Name the part of the letterform.





What is a type family?

Typefaces that are variations of each other and designed to work together.

Any group of typefaces that work well together.

A designer’s collection of favorite typefaces.

Typefaces in the same type category, such as slab serif.

How would you fix this sentence?

The quotation marks should be straight, not curly.

The exclamation point belongs outside the quotation marks.

The apostrophe should not be straight; make it curly.

The hyphen should be an en dash.

What is hanging punctuation?

Any punctuation that hangs below the baseline.

Setting type so that small punctuation marks hang into the margin.

Punctuation used for decorative purposes.

A method of indenting a paragraph.

Name the part of the letterform.


Vertical Stroke



Which example illustrates real small caps?



“Venetian” is another name for what kind of typeface?




Sans Serif

Name the part of the letterform.





What mark belongs in the box?

An en dash.

An em dash.

A hyphen.

A double hyphen.

Name the part of the letterform.





What is a chromatic typeface?

A typeface with multiple versions designed to be stacked on top of each other to create effects such as fill patterns or shadows.

A typeface with a special Chrome plugin that allows the words to be read aloud.

A typeface created in the late 19th century.

A typeface designed to be cut out of a material such as metal.

You need to pick a type size for your body text. Which of these options sounds most reasonable?

Depends on the reading device. Choose type sizes that are easy to read at a comfortable reading distance on the relevant devices.

Always use 16 px.

Using a modular scale, take the size of your h1 tag and go three steps down the scale.

Use the type size that will allow you to get 80 characters per line across all screen sizes.

What does it mean for a font to be OpenType?

The font file that can be edited by the user.

You can create outlined versions of the letterforms.

It can be read with a screen reader.

It allows for advanced typographic features such as the replacement of alternate characters and discretionary ligatures.

In which of the following scenarios would you most likely need to use tabular lining figures?

Creating letterhead or other materials with phone numbers and addresses.

Designing a menu.

Designing a book.

Laying out a report that includes a budget.

What are these marks called?

Prime marks.

Straight quotes.

Quotation marks.


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